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Strong Reputation

BCB is a design and build company committed to construction excellence, creativity and industry leadership.

Our company exemplifies professionalism, high quality and strong results.


Our Mission

We want to help you realize your vision. We see our purpose this way:

BCB Mission: To apply our strong construction knowledge and professionalism towards building on each client’s vision and plans.


Giving Back

We see ourselves as an integral part of the communities in which we operate. We recognize that the expansion and development of the area’s local communities is essential to our own success.


Welcome to Beach City Builders, Inc.

bcb-group1-350pxBeach City Builders, Inc. (BCB) is a family owned and operated full service General Contractor with 30 years of experience successfully serving southern California. In fact, we are part of a successful construction bloodline that is generations old. We are proud to harness this background for our existing and new clients. At BCB, we are very passionate about construction and we are proud of our strong Residential and Commercial track record. We have delivered high quality results for years, results that are backed by a business integrity derived from our strong Midwest work ethics and a long family home building legacy.

With customer satisfaction as our highest priority, we offer the flexibility and a clear picture to meet all your design and build requirements. We will bring experience, skill, creativity and a competitively priced, fresh construction vision you can rely on. Beach City Builders, Inc. is in full compliance with the California Contractors State License Board and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which has given us their highest rating. We are bonded and insured. We serve all of San Diego County, southern Orange County and east Riverside County.

Our Services: Full Design & Build Company

Beach City Builders, Inc. works in both the Residential and Commercial sectors. We can creatively help you through the entire construction process, no matter how big or small the project. Some of our key services:

Pre-Construction Services

Pre-Construction is the phase of a negotiated construction contract that develops a road map for the project team. The Pre-Construction Phase actually unites the project team, architect/interior designer, engineer, construction managers, the client and the landlord.

The team works together at the inception of the project to help establish sufficient conceptual information to prepare preliminary budget estimate and project schedule. These budgets of dollars and time are updated periodically through the development of the contract documents. The end result being that the client knows where the project is headed in dollars and time before the completion of the drawings.

A significant factor of Pre-Construction is value engineering. This evaluates the cost of systems, designated areas of design and allows for suggested alternates for cost savings and/or efficiency measures. Pre-Construction also provides for the identification and pre-ordering of long lead items.

Services Included in Pre-Construction:

  • Selection of Beach City Builders, Inc.’s project team.
  • Architect, interior designer, engineer and client coordination.
  • Design and specification review and analysis.
  • Establishment of procedures and criteria for scheduling of all required project functions.
  • Ongoing estimating and pricing.
  • Project scheduling.

Construction Supervision

The Supervision process complements the project management process; whereas the project manager is responsible for the project administration, the superintendent is responsible for the actual production. Stationed on-site, the superintendent controls and monitors construction to ensure adherence to schedule, quality of construction, and overall job safety. The superintendent and project manager maintain a high level of communication.

Supervision Responsibilities:

  • Quality control.
  • Work with the project manager to carefully review, prepare, and regularly update project schedules.
  • Prepare three-week expanded rolling schedule updates for field staff.
  • Chair regular subcontractor and safety meetings.
  • Adhere to contract documents.
  • Monitor job site safety.
  • Ensure timely completion of project.
  • Ensure timely completion of punch list and closeout items.

Project Management

The Project Management portion of the construction process represents one part of a two part responsibility. Operating “hand-in-hand” with the superintendent, the project manager takes the lead on all documentation, delivery of special items, reporting, financial analysis, cost control, and schedule updates. The project manager acts as the primary liaison for project administration. The project manager is always striving to be ahead of the project curve, anticipating issues and following up on items to ensure the project’s consistency, predictability, and conformity to goals and needs.

Project Manager Responsibilities:

  • Quality control.
  • Timely and concise communication with project team members.
  • Manage all project correspondence.
  • Prepare and update project schedules and reports on a regular basis.
  • Chair all meetings, prepare and distribute meeting minutes.
  • Prepare and distribute all financial projections and reports.
  • Coordinate monthly draws and payments to subs and vendors.
  • Track, expedite, and report on submittals, transmittals, samples, and shop drawings.
  • Track and expedite products and fabrication.
  • Expedite and confirm material and product deliveries.
  • Coordinate receipt of project closeout data; compile and submit warrantees, guarantees, as-builts, equipment operating manuals, attic stock, and other required products.